- This year's competition rules are announced! Check the rules page for the details.
- This year, payload is going to be carried by the aircraft as a slung load by simply attaching it to the end of a 1 meter-long rope.
- A new category of cooperative flight has been introduced in the competition. In this category, the aerial agents are supposed to carry the payload in a cooperative manner. Details will be announced soon.


A student was lost while hiking in the METU forest. Since he/she used the phone for accessing social media too much, the battery of his/her mobile phone was completely depleted. However, he/she managed to send a distress message to a friend on campus, before the mobile phone was dead. Your mission is to locate the student, and deliver some water, a couple of packs of dry food, a power bank for the mobile and a first aid kit. You must also report the coordinates of the student to the ground station so that the student can be rescued by the rescue team. To imitate these supplies, the VTOL aircraft should carry at least a bottle of water (0.2 kg) attached to the end of a 1 meter-long rope. Dropping a heavier water bottle to imitate the supplies listed above will also be awarded.